MRV4C ("A Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting and Verification System for Cocoa sector in the Dominican Republic”) is a 1-year Activity carried out by GMV NSL under a programme of, and funded by, the European Space Agency. Addressing activity line 6 "Earth Observations (EO) for Sustainable Development" of the ESA EO SCIENCE FOR SOCIETY PERMANENTLY OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS EOEP-5 BLOCK 4 (ESA/Contract No. 40000130121/20/I-DT) call topic, MRV4C will enhance the use of Earth Observation and EO-based tools for supporting sustainable management and decision making in the cocoa agroforestry sector.

MRV4C will promote the engagement and collaboration of multiple stakeholders to achieve the project goals; the project will bring together EO experts, Machine Learning Engineers, IT experts, policy makers, agri-business representatives, and farmers to act in a multi-disciplinary and synergetic way.

ESA Copernicus Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data will be exploited to derive geospatial products combined with readily available commercial Very High-Resolution imagery and ground data collected by DR Cocoa Foundation. The MRV4C system will combine these products with auxiliary data, such as bioclimatic variables, soil variables and elevation datasets to name a few, and make the information available to the end-users via the MRV4C web-based visualization tool.

MRV4C focuses on Central America and in particular, the case study devised targets the Dominican Republic. In order to demonstrate the potential of EO, a specific Area of Interest will be selected. The development, and its future roll-out, is supported by our end-users: the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the DR Cocoa Foundation.

The expected societal impacts and benefits of MRV4C include also the contribution to several UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, 1, 2, 8, 13 and 15: “No-Poverty”, “Zero Hunger”, “Decent work and Economic growth”, “Climate Action” and “Life on Land”.