DR Cocoa Foundation

DR Cocoa Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit entity, created and existing in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic, whose mission is to catalyze public-private action in pursuit of cocoa sustainability, promoting the partnership between multiple stakeholders, aligned public and private investment, public policy dialogue, joint learning and knowledge sharing to achieve transformative change in the cocoa agro-chain. Our vision is to be a leading organization in promoting the transformations necessary to achieve a sustainable and competitive cocoa subsector in the Dominican Republic, where farmers thrive, the communities that grow it are empowered, human rights are respected, the environment and gender equality and generational change are promoted.



Ministerio de Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture – Dominican Republic)

The Dominican agricultural sector assumes a long-term vision of integral rural development, which fosters concertation and coordination with the rest of the sectors that make up the national economy, which promotes the fundamental interrelationships that agriculture must keep with the possibilities of transformation of the productive structure, and enhance the rural environment, the sustainability of the development model and human resources.

This Vision places men and women as the raison d'être of the process of promoting competitiveness in agriculture, sustained development and social equity in rural areas, building the "New Rurality"; understood this as the particular way of life and work, focused on the use of natural resources that seek to revalue it in terms of its contributions to the well-being of the population and reduce poverty levels in rural areas.

Create the normative, technical, and political conditions that facilitate agricultural development, for which reason it must increase its capacity to define and monitor strategies, incentives, the legal and institutional framework aimed at establishing new roles and rules of the game, expanding the sphere of the collaboration of the public and private sectors. Likewise, to guide the dynamics of the private sector within a free market, establishing new relations between the State and the Market, so that the recipient of the action is no longer the "producer" as the subject of primary productive activity, but rather the Rural Socioeconomic Unit.

Maximize the contribution of agriculture to development in the new model, orienting it towards functions that extend beyond the narrow sectoral framework.



Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources) (Dominican Republic)

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources is the Agency in charge of preparing, executing, and supervising national policies on the environment and natural resources, promoting and stimulating their preservation, protection, restoration, and sustainable use activities.

The vision of the Ministry is to be an effective, efficient and transparent institution that articulates and incorporates, in a participatory manner, the environmental dimension in the decisions and actions of society to contribute to sustainable development.

The mission of the Ministry is to govern the management of the environment, ecosystems and natural resources, to contribute to sustainable development. Powers conferred on the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources in the General Law on Environment and Natural Resources 64-00.



World Cocoa Foundation

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is a non-profit international membership organization whose vision is a sustainable and thriving cocoa sector – where farmers prosper, cocoa-growing communities are empowered, human rights are respected, and the environment is conserved. 

WCF’s members include cocoa and chocolate manufacturers, processors, supply chain managers, and other companies worldwide, representing more than 80 percent of the global cocoa market. WCF’s activities benefit farmers and their communities in cocoa-growing regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. Our vision is a thriving and sustainable cocoa sector, where farmers prosper, communities are empowered, and the planet is healthy.